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Why Learn With Us –

Qualify as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle
and Nutrition Consultant in one year

Vocational course designed to
prepare you for all aspects of practice

Taught by Dr Deepika Rodrigo BAMS who has over 30 years
of experience in Ayurveda

Using Ayurvedic classical texts adapted to modern teaching

Newest teaching technology including live-stream recorded
lectures and tele-classes

Welcome to the Ayurveda Institute UK

“Learning the Science of Life”

The Ayurveda Institute is an international school based in London which specialises in authentic, vocational and theoretical teaching of Ayurveda from the classical texts.

Ayurveda is enjoying resurgence in the West and is increasingly recognised as one of the most intelligent systems of healing known to man. At the Ayurveda Institute, we offer understanding of this vast system from the perspective of highly experienced and classically trained Ayurvedic physicians.

We believe that the Ayurveda Institute offers the most authentic vocational and theoretical, classically derived training using the most modern teaching mediums. We deliver teaching that makes Ayurveda accessible and relevant to modern lifestyles.

The principle lecturer is Dr Deepika Rodrigo (B.A.M.S.) who has been involved in practising, teaching and continuing to learn about this vast science for almost three decades.

Ayurveda Institute Courses are accredited by the CMA (Complementary Medical Association) and FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists) for selected courses and lead to the award of a Certificate or Diploma.

For more information on the Diploma in Ayurvedic Lifestyle & Nutrition click here

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