New Ayurveda Diploma Course Now Starting 2015

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Ayurvedic Lifestyl 2015

Why I’m starting this course.


Since I came to UK 1997, I was involved with a several colleges and universities as an Ayurvedic lecturer and highly involved with clinical practice at a practical level.


Since 2002 I started my own practice and teaching courses in Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Massage. After seventeen years running an Ayurvedic practice many of my clients urged me to do a course to teach Ayurveda and pass on some of the knowledge I have gained throughout my years as an Ayurvedic doctor, treating many disorders from chronic skin disorders to infertility. Read More.


ayurveda institute uk

Ayurveda Institute UK


Ayurvedic Head & Body Massage Course


New Course Dates
Course dates : To be confirmed
Exam date      :To be confirmed


This course has been running for over fourteen years with Dr.Deepika Rodrigo.


There will also be a new Ayurvedic Practitioners course in 2014 for those who have already gained knowledge of Ayurveda and wish gain further insight on how to practice and perform treatment in Ayurveda.

dermavedDermaved – Ayurvedic Natural Eczema Cream – See our new website and get a free sample. Just Click the box on the right!!


History of Dermaved Cream.


Having 18 years experience as an Ayurvedic doctor in the UK I have a fascinating story to tell you about this amazing cream.

In 2005 just after given birth to my second child I noticed a skin rash appear in my right arm near the elbow joint. As an expert in Ayurveda I thought I could treat myself using Ayurvedic medicines and it would vanish in no time. The rash went from bad to worse and I became very frustrated and angry at my inability to overcome the condition and questioned my own ability as an Ayurvedic doctor.

After few months of trying to cure myself of the rash I asked some help from my colleagues in Sri Lanka.  One of my friends introduced me to a very old & wise Ayurvedic doctor and I went to see him read more….


Panchakarma Treatments

Panchakarma Treatments at The Ayurvedic Clinic.


The miracle of the human body is that it has a natural healing intelligence that is capable of constantly rejuvenating itself. However, when doshic imbalance weakens the digestive capacity (Agni) allows toxic impurities to form and it may build up slowly throughout the body over time.


To remedy this situation Ayurveda offers the gift of Panchakarma the “Science of Rejuvenation”. In this process the body is purified of the degenerating influence of these foreign substances thus freeing it to naturally exercise its inherent rejuvenating abilities.


The Panchakarma treatment is simple and traditional. The oils chosen for your individual constitution are pungent and heavy. The herbs originate from India and Sri Lanka and have a deep cleansing, detoxifying and healing properties. Read more…..


Phone The Ayurvedic Clinic on 0208 4054407 to book a treatment or click here to send enquiry.



Fertility TreatmentsFertility Treatments


Procreation is a part of nature. Every single living being contributes by procreating to sustain the universe and life on the planet.


Ayurveda stands out as a treatment method for infertility as it tries to find the most natural balance for the body to do the most important thing in life that is creating life.


To use an analogy from the plant world, if you wanted grow a good crop or to produce prize vegetable firstly we need to look at the place where the crop is to be grown, is the earth in good condition, does in need to be cultivated and conditioned with fertiliser, what is the climate like, is there enough water and sunlight. When seeking to create life, to conceive a child we tend to forget about the condition of our bodies (and we are talking from both the male and female perspectives here) are we fertile enough and in good enough health to create life?