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For those who are in the ayurvedic field

This intensive diploma course is fully accredited by the CMA (Complementary Medical Association) and comprehensively covers the theory and practical training in all the major traditional Ayurvedic therapies.

Why choose us?

The Ayurveda Institute is the only provider of Ayurvedic education able to offer training delivered by a team of practitioners who are in continuous practice in a well-established Ayurvedic medical clinic. The theoretical and practical training is delivered exclusively by Ayurvedic physicians with decades of clinical practice and senior Ayurvedic Therapists who specialise in Panchakarma treatments which are used in the treatment of serious disorders.

Our lecturers each have almost 25 years of clinical experience as Ayurvedic physicians and in-depth knowledge of the authentic, traditional massage techniques and therapeutic benefits of Ayurvedic massage and herbal preparations as a result of overseeing thousands of treatments. This is perfect for those who wish to offer their clients authentic, therapeutic massage specifically focused on the treatment of disorders in the body and mind and help in alleviating imbalances.

Complete learning support through practicum & all media

Designed to ensure conversancy and confidence using specialist skills, knowledge and techniques

We offer 70% in-class supervised practicum, online, recorded videos of the massage techniques, herbal preparations and teaching as well as a 90-page tailor-made accompanying course materials, the course text book and fully supervised practice sessions. Our commitment to launching students into practice extends to offering Ayurvedic therapeutic massage oils and creams on a not-for-profit basis.

The Ayurveda Institute is one of the very few providers of training for authentic Panchakarma therapy, the deepest purifying Ayurvedic procedure used for detoxification and in the treatment of medical disorders. We offer a 4-day intensive Panchakarma technician training course.

Wendy (London): Understanding & confidence with marma massage

Mirco & Elena (Greece) Aligning our clients, ourselves and our relationship through Ayurvedic massage

Our students come from diverse professional backgrounds and different countries, seeking to learn about Ayurvedic therapy for its healing and rejuvenating qualities.

With that in mind, we committed to offering our courses in different structures several times a year to accommodate them all. From alternate weekend teachings over 3 months to one week intensives to part online courses. All courses are taught only by those who have extensive experience of using Ayurvedic therapies specifically as treatments.

The highest quality teaching and learning support by means of written materials, video recordings of demonstrations and a high content of supervised practice with doctors and senior therapists. The syllabus is comprehensive and focuses on the most effective use of treatments and the skills to give such treatments.

Students are given training in identifying imbalances in the doshas in order to effectively use the appropriate medicated specialist oils, as well as training in the properties and contra-indications of certain oils and procedures.

Students earn a superior qualification from an accredited course with the essential knowledge and training to offer therapeutic and rejuvenate treatments.

Our commitment does not end there. Above and beyond, we offer a range of support services on a not-for-profit basis to our professionals such as high quality Ayurvedic oils and Ayurvedic therapeutic oils and products sourced and provided  on a not-for-profit basis and membership of the Association of Ayurvedic Professionals UK. In addition, we are one of the very few providers of training for authentic Panchakarma therapy, the deepest purifying Ayurvedic procedure used for detoxification and in the treatment of medical disorders.

We have payment plans to spread the cost of the course and help students manage their finances. Registration on this course entitles our students to substantial discounts on related courses and products.

Registration is quick, easy and can be done entirely online. We highly recommend that prospective students speak to one of our course directors to answer any questions and get a feel for who we are. Before registration we ask all students to speak to us in order that we can ensure that this is the right course for them and for us to meet you!