Best ways to boost your bala or energy

Jun 14, 2022 | Ayurveda


Ayurveda is an ancient life science that focusses on maintaining balance in life to enjoy mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. The over 5000 year old teachings which originated in India say life is sustained by the tripod of mental, physical and spiritual which should all be in-sync for a person to feel healthy and energised. Ayurveda teachings are relevant and popular even today because they offer many practical paths towards improving and boosting bala energy and wellbeing consistently, with long term benefits.

What is bala in Ayurveda?

According to Ayurveda everyone and everything in this world is composed of energy. Bala means energy or strength and is essential for us to function which is why Ayurveda recommends that we nurture a balanced relationship with energy as it stops us from feeling exhausted and unmotivated. Being active is highly valued in our modern society, especially productive energy. Cultivating and nurturing this bala energy, according to Ayurveda, helps improve our sense of wellbeing as it increases our essences of strength, vigour and vitality.

How does the 3 doshas effect your energy?

Tridosha or the three main dosha are the important energy elements within all living beings that enable fluids and nutrients to reach the body cells for the body to function efficiently. It is the energy within that allows nutrients to be digested to maintain the integrity of the body cells.

Vata – the energy of movement

Pitta – the energy of digestion or metabolism

Kapha – the energy of lubrication and structural integrity of the body

Ayurveda says we all have a combination of these doshas within us with one or two doshas being more dominant than the others. It is when this imbalance occurs in our individual unique ratios that we feel unwell and prone to feeling mentally down as well.

There are many simple and practical Ayurveda techniques that can be adopted in our everyday lives to boost our bala or energy levels and achieve optimal health.

Ayurvedic diet

The Ayurvedic proverb ‘when diet is wrong medicine is of no use; when diet is correct, medicine is of no need’, tells you the importance diet has on your health. Without good nutrition out bodies cannot function at their optimal capacity and feel instead, fatigued and unenergized.

Food is the fuel we use to provide energy for our bodies which is why we need to pay attention to what we consume. It needs to provide nourishment for our cells, tissues and organs and should satiate our hunger completely so that we are not tempted to snack on empty foods such as processed or packaged foods.

Ayurveda promotes eating seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables together with grains and pulses cooked using recommended herbs and spices that ignite the energy within.

Exercise – Ayurveda promotes exercise as an integral part of a healthy routine and recommends exercises that are grounding and calming such as yoga, dancing, cycling and walking. Choose one that suits your requirements and physical capabilities.

Breathing practices – Ayurveda always stresses on balances and just as you exercise you must make time to relax by practicing deep calming breathes and taking the time to be simply present in the moment. Be sure to set a proper bedtime and develop the habit of getting sufficient sleep each night.

Lifestyle changes – There are small but effective lifestyle changes you can adopt that will over time provide immense benefits and help boost your bala or energy instead of draining it.

While we live in a somewhat hustle culture, it is important that you make time to do something each day that brings you joy, even just for 10 minutes.

Work on reducing bad habits slowly and then doing away with them totally overtime. Do not attempt to rush it but understand why it is bad and work on gradually doing away with it totally.

Being more organised, if you are not already, will not only reduce stress but work wonders on your mental health as well. It will give you a sense of accomplishment.

Keep a clean and tidy space for your peace of mind as a tidy space has a calming effect, just what you need to reinvigorate you after a busy day.