Intuitive eating extracts

Sep 8, 2022 | Ayurveda

Not based on the person but the dosa within them. We need to categorise them as having a vata, pitta or kapha constitution. The dosha have to be in balance because humans consist of a flow or rhythm and that helps us to intuitive know what is good for us, what to eat, where to go, we know nobody has to tell us.

Some people come to me, and I tell them that based on their constitution they should not eat salad. At once they say, ‘I knew it, I knew I shouldn’t be eating salads.’ They knew intuitively that salads were not working for them but because magazines and the latest trends say you must eat salad, they were eating salads. Another example of this is people eating pineapple because magazines say it is what you should be eating if you want to be fertile. Instead, pineapple really aggravates the pitta which really reduces the chance of getting fertile. Generally pineapple is not a fruit that should be eaten by people who are trying to become pregnant, something everyone in Sri Lanka knows, pineapples are not good for fertility.

Within, you should be able to sense when things are in disorder, when there is no balance. When things are in order it all works smoothly, nothing to worry about, but when in disorder you should be able to feel when certain foods are not helping you. When you maintain your balance you can eat anything, but when you feel imbalance, question yourself. Why do I feel like this? Listen when your body says don’t eat this, whatever the magazine may say. You have to place more value on you intuition rather than on other people’s concepts about health. Such as the recent developments abut jogging, where they now say jogging can do terrible harm whereas before they say jog, jog, jog. Now they say fat is good. Before they say coconut is high in cholesterol, stop eating it. Even my parents were very worried to eat coconut because the western people say it increases cholesterol. But now, once again westerners worship coconut for its benefits and now eat coconut, drink coconut water, they cannot get enough, they cannot live without coconut. You have to understand, it is all about the industry and not about you or me.

It is more important to understand a person’s constitution based on the dominant dosha within a person. When you understand a person’s substance or constitution then you can advice on what they should consider eating. When anything edible is put in front of you, you should be able to understand its five substances and identify whether it is good for you or not and tally it against the vata, pitta, dosha. By doing this you will not go wrong. You will understand the fundamentals behind food and why you can eat something or not eat it, just as you understand that you cannot eat a wooden bench or plastic.