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Testimonial Videos

Marco Merlini (Portugal) - Study Ayurveda anywhere in the world

Vivian Cavicchiioli (London)- Experience of Learning Ayurveda

Amanda Hall (London) - Learning Ayurveda at Ayurveda Institute UK

Lucy Puttergill (London) - Why online learning was so much easier

Daisy Bowman (Germany) - Great learning experience at Ayurveda Institute UK

Naina (London): Being at the heart of an Ayurveda family

Claire (Australia): Learning Ayurveda from across the world

Jana (London): Why Ayurveda is the answer

Naina (London): On Dr Deepika Rodrigo's teaching

Lara (London): Learning authentic Ayurveda from true experts

Elena (Greece): Diploma in Ayurvedic Massage Therapy

Naina (London): treating patients as part of the Lifestyle & Nutrition Course

Jana (London): what it felt like to help someone heal whilst studying Ayurveda

Jessica (London): Ayurveda, a new way of life

Jana (London): How learning Ayurveda opens the heart

Emma (Rochdale): Learning Ayurveda here is the best of everything

Naina (London): What the Ayurveda Institute gives to its students

Emma (Rochdale): the Ayurveda Institute family

Kamran (London): experiencing Ayurveda cure my family & wanting to learn more

Naina (London): Let yourself be silently drawn by the power of Ayurveda