Utilising ayurvedic massage therapy to treat injuries?

Oct 29, 2023 | Ayurveda


Ayurveda is life science and a traditional system of medicine which originated in India. It takes a holistic approach to achieving sustained health and wellness with ayurvedic practices consisting of dietary changes, lifestyle habit changes, massage therapy, herbal medicines and yoga. Incorporating these in some form to your daily life provides immense benefits for the balance of the dosha or life energies which in turn creates harmony between our minds, bodies and souls.

Ayurveda – Ancient healing technique

Ayurvedic treatments and practices are based on the concept of interconnectedness and the balance of the dosha – kapha, vata and pitta. Based on ancient teachings the goal of ayurvedic therapies is to remove impurities such as toxins to increase resistance by strengthening the immune system. Ayurvedic massage therapy for injuries works on penetrating deep tissue to loosen toxins at a cellular level and strengthens muscles and increases bone strength.

Marma therapy is another such treatment option that targets the marma points which are key points believed in ayurveda to be the juncture points between consciousness and matter. They can be described as the connection points between the dosha or life energies and the tangible physical body.

How effective is ayurveda in the treatment of injuries?

As an ancient science with a proven track record ayurveda is effective in healing injuries and can be used as a complimentary treatment option alongside western medicines in serious cases. Ayurveda treatments are very effective for simpler wounds or muscle pain or ligament tears or to diminish tenderness owing to an injury, Snehana is a type of massage best known to treat muscular strain using medicated herbal oils applied to the body to gently unwind knots and reduce the tenderness from sore muscles.

Diagnosing Injuries – An ayurvedic perspective

First and foremost an ayurvedic practitioner will have to determine your body type based on your predominant dosha combination. If you suffer a sports injury they will then be able to decide on the treatment options most suitable for you.

According to ayurvedic teachings those with kapha dosha are most tolerant to physical trauma that to an abundance of collagen but are however prone to infections and so injuries must be treated and cared for even if they seem minor. Those with pitta dosha are prone to physical injuries with the pain usually being muscular. They can also suffer with joint pains owing to digestive issues that hinder the adequate supply of nutrients. Vata dosha people are also quite prone to injury and trauma according to ayurveda. As their bones and joints are also prone to vata imbalances they are likely to develop arthritis and weak ligaments. This can also affect the nervous system as it is connected to the joint issues.

Ayurvedic massage therapy and healing

Ayurvedic sports massages and treatments can help with the healing process of injuries to varying levels. It is ideal to help speed up the healing process by repairing muscles, healing damaged tissues, strengthening bones, tendons and cartilage while decreasing tension to help nerves as well. It helps the internal organs as well by encouraging circulatory movement to promote the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues.

Ayurvedic massages

Ayurvedic massages are a therapeutic process that uses medical oils on the full body or a targeted body part to treat deep tissues to looses toxins at a cellular level. An ayurvedic massage therapist through practice uses your body’s natural and fundamental way of removing toxins so that you feel relief.

The flow of an ayurvedic massage is determined by what individual patients require and the techniques used will be specific to a specific type of injury. Tapping, kneading and squeezing are some of the traditional techniques used and can be done slowly or quickly, again depending on the injury and the person’s body type. The overall purpose is to increase circulation and promote lymphatic drainage.

Abhyanga massage – Done with warm or hot herbal medicinal oil this can also be a self-massage but is best when done by a therapist when treating an injury. The warm oil is applied to the whole body from scalp to the soles of the feet. The oil which plays an important part in the therapy is combined with practiced massage strokes for healing benefits.

Ayurvedic herbs used in massages

The herbs used in ayurvedic massages play an integral role in the healing process and the blend of oils used for each treatment is based on person’s dosha combination. The organic blends are infused and warmed to promote detoxification and penetrate deep tissues. They help balance a person’s dominant dosha.

Ayurvedic treatments

Along with the previously mentioned massages below are further treatments that help with healing:

Pizichilli is a massage treatment that combines oil therapy and thermal therapy and is typically performed by two massage therapists. Warm streams of herbal oils are rhythmically smoothed into the body to eliminate toxins and enhance circulation. It helps lubricate the body.

Vishesh is also a rhythmic massage which uses flow and firm strokes to elongate and contract the muscles. It helps to release deeply embedded impurities. Very little oil is used to create greater friction on the skin to truly access the tissues.

Choosing an ayurvedic clinic

In the UK there are many reputed ayurvedic clinics that offer specialised treatments. However, it is best to do background research and choose a clinic with licensed massage therapists who are qualified and trained specifically in ayurvedic techniques. There should also be qualified practitioners who can assess your injuries and recommend treatments based on your body type. This will ensure that you experience the best possible results from you ayurvedic treatments.


Ayurvedic massage therapies are a good complimentary treatment option when treating injuries. They can help speed up the healing process as well as provide overall health and wellness benefits so that your body is able to heal and recover. If you have sports injuries that still niggle, check out ayurvedic massages for relief and relaxation and help your body be at its best.