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Intensive, advanced course preparing students to practice at the next level. A phenomenal programme of expert tuition packed into 18 months for the student who wishes to dedicate themselves to learning Ayurveda at an advanced level. We have now added an additional 20% of teaching and vocational training through shadow consultations to the previous year to reflect the needs of our practitioners and give them even more support. It represents the very best value and very best in vocational training, benefitting from the patient base of the Ayurvedic Clinic. The course goes straight to the heart of treating disorders using the most effective and practical Ayurvedic methods drawing from the decades of experience of our Ayurvedic physicians treating serious disorders in the West.

Our students from doctors and healthcare professionals at all levels, alternative health practitioners, yoga teachers to lawyers, accountants and full-time mothers, from all parts of the world, have all experienced a personal evolution from this course and choose to take their interest further on a professional basis.

Learn the science of life & the art of practice

Starts 25th September 2021

“Health is our true wealth” and so learning Ayurveda is the best investment of our life

This course is an intensive in Ayurvedic medicine, and will deepen the student’s knowledge whilst catapulting their ability to practice to the next level. It is a phenomenal number of teaching hours and expert tuition packed into either 12 months or 18 months for the student who wishes to dedicate themselves to learning Ayurveda. It represents the very best value and the very best in practical training.

There is a total of over 200 teaching hours not including extra sessions in practice development, which include 11 full immersion weekends with Dr Deepika Rodrigo; 10 live-stream Q&A sessions; 10 live-stream medicine classes; 25+ Sanskrit classes – in classroom & live-stream; 2 days advanced, supervised training clinics; access to the full set of recorded lectures.

Our courses are characterised by authenticity, vocational practice through our clinic, pioneering teaching strategies and technology and flexibility to allow you to mould your education around your life.

Dr Deepika Rodrigo BAMS: The eternal truth about being a healer

Title: Naina (Pharmacist): Ayurveda & the spiritual side of our health

Our students truly come from diverse professional backgrounds and lifestyles and connect with us from countries across the world, seeking a deeper and more meaningful purpose.

This tends to be students aged 25-70 for whom full-time study may not be realistic. Our experience is that those who earnestly seek this education are also its greatest advocates. With that in mind, we committed to offering our courses through immersion weekends and through different media to best accommodate them, which in turn best serves our mission to raise awareness of Ayurveda for the benefit of all.

Every aspect of the course from its structure, facilities, practicum and most of all, the teaching itself is aligned with allowing access to this precious education to these most earnest of seekers.

We offer students unparalleled learning and learning support. The syllabus is drawn from the 6-year Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery degree, extracting only that which is directly relevant to using and practicing Ayurveda in today’s modern world.

The vocational training we provide is critically focused on real-life practice and using patients from our own clinic as well as providing individualised feedback from our doctors as part of our commitment to put enormous resources into the vocational training of our students in-house.

Students earn an advanced qualification from an accredited course with specialist knowledge and training to treat a greater range of disorders at different stages of the pathogenesis. With this, the opportunity to create new ways of earning a living using the secrets of an ancient science are vast.

Our commitment does not end there. We support our professionals to use and practice Ayurveda for the benefit of all. Above and beyond, we offer a range of support services on a not-for-profit basis to our professionals such as continued advisory services online and via live-stream Q&A sessions, high quality supplements and products sourced and provided not-for-profit and membership of the Association of Ayurvedic Professionals UK.

We have payment plans to spread the cost of the course and help students manage their finances. Registration on this course entitles our students to substantial discounts on related courses and products.

Registration is quick, easy and can be done entirely online. We highly recommend that prospective students speak to one of our course directors to answer any questions and get a feel for who we are. Before registration we ask all students to speak to us in order that we can ensure that this is the right course for them and for us to meet you!