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Our courses are now fully online. After many years of offering online courses, we have crafted effective and flexible learning techniques. Even practical classes from training clinics, to medicine sampling are curated to provide real experience.

Our students seek this teaching from all over the world and so we are committed to providing access to it in the way that is most effective for learning. The student-teacher relationship is at the heart of this experience and so we take great care to foster an online environment that allows the student to focus, engage, participate and most of all be personally connected to the teacher and the community. At the Ayurveda Institute, online learning is a real experience of being in the presence of your teacher.

We use a combination of live immersions, practical classes, e-learning pre-recorded videos, formative assessments, and recordings of live classes to give student the greatest flexibility in their learning.

How it works

Simple and connected

Whether it is pre-recorded sessions or live classes, it is as simple as clicking a link to access. You simple prepare yourself and we take care of the rest.

During live immersions online, students have the benefit of Ayurvedic experts online during the teaching to stay in communication and answer questions and offer insight so that it is a truly interactive experience.

For practical classes, such as training clinics, and medicine sampling we make the experience fully experiential by sending samples out, providing real volunteer patients and other ways to help students embody the learning.

Sanskrit, Q&A tutorial sessions, training clinics, consultations, tele-classes, recorded lectures

Whether the lecturer is using the Powerpoint presentations, the white board or a student is asking the questions, the online student community will be able to see everything using multiple cameras.

We have tech support for any troubleshooting so you’re never out on a limb alone online.

The in-course Internships such as Training clinics are accessible to students online via zoom consultations and observation of other student consultations.

All lectures and practical demonstrations are recorded and made available to students for the whole year, so students can catch up on missed lectures or recap at their leisure.
Our students have connected with us from these countries so far:
Australia, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, USA, Argentina, Cuba, Bermuda, Peru, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Estonia, Bulgaria, France, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Singapore, India, Sri Lanka, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Croatia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Austria, Norway, Denmark, Shetland Isles, Greece, Austria, Wales, Northern Ireland, Saudi Arabia, England …