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Our students come from diverse professional backgrounds and lifestyles and connect with us from countries across the world, seeking a deeper immersion into the science of Ayurveda. We are committed to providing the greatest access to this education to those who truly seek it and so our practitioner courses and the non-practical aspects of the therapy courses are offered through different online media: interactive live-stream, recorded lectures, online tutorials & tele-classes.

Our courses offering the option of live-stream, online lectures are designed to provide students with an in-classroom learning experience but with all the benefits of online flexibility. Our live-stream service is unlike any other. The course is designed to connect students to the teacher, the experience and to the community in-class and online using the interactive service.

Online students have the benefit of multiple experts on hand and stay in constant communication with our team of Ayurvedic doctors and practitioners.

How it works

Simple and connected

Before the session starts, we send you a link. Simply click on the link from your laptop or any device you choose. Its that simple.

You will see the live-streamed picture on the left hand side of the screen (where our logo appears). On the right hand side of the screen you will see the live-chat facility. You simply login and type your questions and comments in real time and our dedicated team of Ayurvedic practitioners, and doctors will stay in constant communication with you, answer questions, pose your questions to the lecturer and encourage sharing and discussion.

live-stream Sanskrit, Q&A tutorial sessions, training clinics, skype consultations, tele-classes, recorded lectures

Whether the lecturer is using the Powerpoint presentations, the white board or a student is asking the questions, the online student community will be able to see everything the in-class students can using multiple cameras.

We have tech support for any troubleshooting so you’re never out on a limb alone online.

Even the in-course Internships such as Training clinics are accessible to students online via Skype consultations and observation of other student consultations.

All lectures and practical demonstrations are recorded and made available to students for the whole year, so students can catch up on missed lectures or recap at their leisure.
Our students have connected with via live-stream from these countries so far:
Australia, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, USA, Argentina, Cuba, Bermuda, Peru, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Estonia, Bulgaria, France, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Singapore, India, Sri Lanka, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Croatia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Austria, Norway, Denmark, Shetland Isles, Greece, Austria, Wales, Northern Ireland, Saudi Arabia, England …