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What our students say about us

Learning Ayurveda from such an experienced practitioner has added a profound

insight into my own understanding of the function of the human body.

Rachel Pandit, M.D.
Diplomate, American Board of Family Medicine

Dr Deepika not only enabled me to find my way back to health but also encouraged me in my work as an integrative doctor and medical nutritionist. I learned a lot from her and would recommend her to others.

Dr Eleni Tsiompanou
Health Being Institute
Physician, Nutritional Medicine, Consultant in Palliative Medicine, Integrative Oncology

The monthly immersion weekends are so well delivered using online technology, that I feel as if I’m actually in the classroom in London.

Claire Sparks

To study with Dr Deepika is to receive authentic Ayurvedic training from a gifted doctor and teacher. Dr Deepika imparts her wisdom with warmth, humour, patience and generosity, making learning with her a truly enriching experience.

Jill Cartwright

I can honestly say that Dr Deepika has been a significant influence in turning my life around. Her profound experience and understanding of the philosophy, the science, and the application of Ayurveda to everyday life is shared with great enthusiasm and an adaptability to the individual.


Two words describe what the course is for me – Spiritual Nourishment


As a student, I felt that I was learning what’s applicable in a western society, without compromising the authenticity or beauty of its tradition. The classes were incredibly interactive and informative. Thank you Dr Deepika

Laura Hancock

Dr Deepika’s passion for Ayurveda is contagious. Her humanistic and humorous approach to treating, teaching and helping others is refreshingly unique and inspiring.


Her passion and commitment to teaching Ayurveda is remarkable and contagious. I would describe her as the real McCoy. I would totally recommend the course. It has provided me with the confidence to practice.

Lara Sinha, London

The breadth and detail of the course syllabus, along with Dr Deepika’s passion, enthusiasm and humility for Ayurveda were all major factors in my decision to embark on this course. I would (and have!) recommend it to anyone.

Claire Sparks

Dr Deepika has been amazing. She just wants to share her many years of experience and help people who need it. I wanted to be a part of that movement to help people.

Kamran Mustafa, London

The knowledge I have taken away certainly helps me have a greater understanding of myself and other people. I would highly recommend Dr Deepika’s courses whether its an area of personal interest or you’re looking to become a professional practitioner. I don’t know anywhere else in the world that offers such a relaxed and professional course.

David Packard

The understanding of Ayurveda flows out of her. We, her students and patients are so fortunate that Dr. Deepika came to the West to pass on this rich and centuries old information to us, even as far as Canada in my little town of 5,000 people, that is really something.

Corrine Hapak, Canada

I enjoyed the course immensely and have found Dr Deepika’s teachings to be very practical, whilst being more relevant than ever for today’s modern world

Claire, Australia

She has a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise. She teaches in a style which is fun, memorable, visual and hands-on. I absolutely loved being her student. I have found new Ayurvedic knowledge to take me forward in life. This process has enhanced me as a person and has given me a greater understanding of people. I enjoyed every moment thoroughly. It has been a pleasure. Thank you.


Dr Deepika has a wonderful way of making these time-honored principles completely accessible to everyone.


I had a very intensive and life changing experience from attending the course with Dr. Deepika. I clung to her every word. Her knowledge and wisdom made me feel lucky to be there in the class and I tried to absorb as much as I could from all those awesome lectures. She really looked after us in a very kindly and friendly way and made all of us at ease. So I would thank Dr. Deepika and recommend her as a teacher and as a Doctor.


I especially valued the extensive experience she’s gained from 20 years of working with patients, which she shares in everything she teaches.

C. Sparks

For two years my daughter suffered with acute eczema and going through agony. We struggled and kept our fingers crossed but nothing worked. I researched clinics and I found Dr Deepika. Within 2 weeks of treatment using certain herbs and diet and Dermaved skin cream her condition cleared. It was a miracle. As soon as I heard about the course I said “sign me up” because I had seen it work first hand. I wanted to learn more and be a part of that movement to help people. Its just been a real eye-opener for me. Its made me look at my own diet and my health more than ever before and I apply it every day.

Kamran Mustafa

Dr Deepika’s passion for Ayurveda and her profound understanding of this ancient science developed over many years, truly bring her teaching to life. She is a warm and compassionate teacher and doctor. Her teaching is as much an energetic transmission of understanding as it is traditional learning. I will always be grateful to her for the precious understanding I now have.

A.K, London

As I live in Australia, the distance learning option provided by the Ayurveda Insitute UK has been a wonderful way to learn whilst still feeling part of the group.

Claire Sparks

Dr. Deepika did not choose Ayurveda, Ayurveda choose Dr. Deepika. Therefore, we are learning from one of the best. I have never known anyone to have such passion and compassion about all who come her way, patients, students, friends, and family, she really cares about us all.

C. H.

Dr Deepika is a fantastic teacher. The course sessions are never boring or dull. She uses case studies to bring the principles of Ayurveda to life which is a really helpful and engaging way to teach. For me the course has opened up a new career path, but it has also opened my eyes to a new, more positive way of life.

Jessica Sherlock, London

I would like to thank Dr. Deepika, Geoff, Ajanta and Sachi for all their hard work in making this course happen, and to reach people like myself who live in a small remote area, in the forest of Cananda possible, and to be part of this life changing experience, and help me on my spiritual journey. Thank you all.

Corrine Hapak, Canada

This course has changed my life. Both personally as I have greatly improved my own health but also on a wider scale as I have never felt so passionate about sharing information and helping others before. I think it is because now I really feel like I have the tools to do this and thats so exciting! Ayurveda is a whole new way to see the world, a holistic, real and compassionate way encompassing the earths natural qualities which are within us all in order to change and enhance our lives, connecting us to nature once more. In this day and age when drug companies profits are the main thing fueling our health care system each person is given the same generic pill to mask their pain, Ayurvedic medicine provides a completely personalised and in depth look in to who we are including our mental health, lifestyle, diet and environment in order to improve our health. I was constantly amazed at how many ‘chronic’ and long term conditions which the Western health system fails to address can be completely turned around with Ayurveda. Its given me a real purpose and I can’t wait to start second year. Dr Deepika is an incredible teacher with so much real world experience and knowledge to back up her lessons. The whole team at the institute are so kind, understanding, supportive and passionate and I feel honoured to have taken part in this course.