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Training in Integrative Ayurveda healthcare professionals & their patients

“The N.H.S. waiting list will grow to five million people by 2021… equivalent to one in 10 of us, the highest number ever,”

Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of the NHS.

With public perception of a crisis in our healthcare system, it is now becoming accepted that the future of medicine lies in our nutrition and lifestyle. What could better help us understand how to manage our health than the original source of knowledge and the most enduring and sophisticated system of healing? Ayurveda is the ancient and timeless, science of life and has been experientially proven over many centuries to help us achieve an optimum state of health and well being.

Why choose us?

The Ayurvedic Clinic and the Ayurveda Institute UK have been successfully treating thousands of patients and teaching hundreds of students for over two decades. Healthcare professionals come to us both as patients and students, frustrated that the tools they have are insufficient to effect true healing in their patients and themselves.

The Ayurveda Institute is the only provider of Ayurvedic education able to offer training delivered by a team of practitioners who are in continuous practice in a well-established Ayurvedic medical clinic. The teaching is delivered exclusively by Ayurvedic physicians and allopathic physicians with decades of clinical practice.

What this course can offer healthcare professionals

Add valuable, practical information that you as a clinician / therpaist can apply to your patients and your own life immediately.

There are a significant number of patients, for whom the Western medical system has so far been unable to find either the cause or remedy for their disorder. Ayurveda can provide profound insight into the root cause of diseases. It can help to either eliminate the disorder or arrest its progress using natural methods, such as diet and lifestyle that any person can sustainably apply in their daily lives.

Despite enormous advances in the development of diagnostic tools in the Western medical system, diagnosis and the identification of the cause of many common disorders is still complex and inaccurate. Ayurveda uses natural, multiple diagnostic methods that are shown to be reliable, examining both the patient and the disorder.

What you will learn

    • Recognise the person (patient)
    • Through identifying their constitutional (genomic) make up (Prakruti) you will get to know each person’s (including your own) risk factors for disease and their particular nutrition and lifestyle needs to achieve/maintain health
    • Tune into the pulse
    • Pulse rate information can predict many factors related to disease according to constitution (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) and reveals the right approach for each person to their imbalance through diet and lifestyle
    • Gut instinct
    • The digestive system is the engine room of the whole organism and balancing it is key to all physiological and mental disorder. Learn about the key role of “agni” aka digestive fire on digestion and assimilation of food and, how you can balance it with diet and lifestyle.
    • Connection with the patient
    • Time is a precious resource for healthcare practitioners with only moments to spend with each patient. Learn how to get to the root of the issue quickly so that the patient leaves feeling understood and re-assured with new tools for their health
    • Connection with the original intention
    • What is the intention with which you set out to become a healthcare professional? Learn the tools that actually reconnect you with that orignial intention to relieve suffering
    • Connection with intuitive practice
    • When faced with the problem of what you should do with a patient, learn how to trust your intuition as a healthcare professional. Vidya or knowledge that goes beyond intellect to the intuitive, innate intelligence that exists within each of us
    • Connect with universal energy
    • How to connect with the source of our energy through practices such as mindfulness and meditation
In Ayurveda we can recognise the constitution of the person through the particularities of their physiological functioning. This is a sophisticated predictor of future disease as well as a reliable gauge of many physiological and mental imbalances, such as inflammation, infection, allergens, immunity, digestive functioning, mental capacities, behavioural aspects, sustainable immunity, hidden / stagnant disease and much more.
Through this knowledge we can discover the causes and the pathogenesis of disease and provide an entirely natural, effective approach using diet, lifestyle, treatment therapies and the harnessing of universal energy.
  • Dr Deepika Rodrigo BAMS 
Principle physician and Director of the Ayurvedic Clinic, principle lecturer and Director of the Ayurveda Institute UK and Chairwoman of the Association of Ayurvedic Professionals UK, Dr Deepika Rodrigo has been practicing for almost 25 years in the West. She is widely recognised as a major driving force behind the growing awareness of Ayurveda in the UK
  • Dr Eleni Tsiompanou MBBS, MSc (Nutr Med), DipALN (Ayurveda)
Dr Eleni Tsiompanou has worked in the NHS since 1997. She divides her time between her job as Consultant in Palliative Medicine in a hospice and working and lecturing as an Integrative Physician and Ayurvedic Practitioner. Dr Eleni is on the Board of Advisors for the Association of Ayurvedic Professionals UK.

This course is open to all clinicians and therapists, such as Doctors, Pharmacists, Dentists, Nurses, students in any medical field, Therapists, Complementary Practitioners and Nutritionists.

A certificate of attendance is issued at the conclusion of the course.

Fees: £95.00 for the whole day including refreshments.
Students of the Ayurveda Institute Diploma courses: free
Friends of students of the AIUK: 50% discount
Registration is via email to the Ayurveda Institute UK.