Ayurvedic preconception care: optimizing health for a successful pregnancy

May 12, 2023 | Ayurveda


In ayurveda preparing for a pregnancy is just as important as getting pregnant, being pregnant and giving birth. The ancient principal teachings of ayurveda compares conception to the germination and sprouting of plant seeds which is why it places such stress on a healthy and nurturing environment for the seed. This condition is optimised by recommended ayurvedic preconception care.

Ayurveda and preconception care: How can it help

According to ayurveda there are four essential components that need to work together for conception to occur –

  • Timing or rtu
  • The field or kshetra
  • Fluids and nutrition or ambu
  • The seed or bija

Ayurveda provides a complete approach to conception including the preparing for a healthy pregnancy. This is done by taking advantage of the body’s natural ability to cleanse and renew and focuses on both partners. Preparations start with a purification process or Shodhana therapy such as panchakarma. It involves five treatments that provide a complete detox or purification for the body to be thoroughly cleansed and ready for a new start.

The holistic approach recommended by ayurveda focusses on maintaining good health with an emphasis on physical, mental and emotional health. The treatment further helps take care of possible depression, the nervous system, stress, anxiety and insomnia, all conditions that are not conducive for a healthy conception.

Along with treatments, adopting certain ayurvedic practices or lifestyle changes have a positive impact as well. From sleeping habits, to selfcare habits, movement and diet ayurveda recommendations help create a healthy foundation for successful conception.

Ayurvedic diet

Food plays a crucial role in preparing for conception as it provides the means to nourish and develop healthy reproductive tissues. In ayurveda ojas is important as the substance that is responsible for ovulation and food that in any way decrease the production of ojas must be avoided. To promote ojas consuming fresh organic fruits and vegetables is good along with dates, walnuts, whole grains, figs and almonds. Include buttermilk, pumpkin seeds, milk, sesame seeds and ghee in your diet as well. To increase iron richness and minerals add garlic, onions, tulsi and amla into your dishes.

It is best to avoid excess caffeine, undercooked foods, frozen, raw, old and fried food should not be consumed along with heavily processed food and refined sugar and flour. Alcohol and other such stimulants should be avoided as well.

Ayurvedic lifestyle choices

To adopt an ayurvedic lifestyle is to invest in your wellbeing and to remove bad and unhealthy habits from your life. Being mindful and making smarter choices is what ayurveda promotes so that if you have any unhealthy habits such as smoking, you can make a conscious decision to reduce or stop altogether.

Along with eating to suit your dosha type, ayurveda advises removing stressful elements from your life and instead take on activities that bring relief, such as yoga or a peaceful walk. The meditative motion will help your mind slow down and relax and destress. When you are stressed it affects your ojas energy which then affects preconception. Staying hydrated and sleeping well are other measures that ayurveda urges you to focus on so that the body is healthy and receptive.

Ayurvedic herbs and medications

The most commonly used herb in ayurveda to promote conception is Ashwagandha which also helps reduce stress. It is used in herbal remedies along with other herbs like shatavari or asparagus, amalaka or embilica. They help create a hormonal balance between the Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and the Luteinizing Hormone (LH).

Ayurvedic treatments

Panchakarma – This a leading ayurvedic treatment with proven results for detoxing. It consists of 5 stages that cleanse the body of impurities – emesis, purgation, decoction enema, insertion of medicine through nostrils and oil enema. It must be done by an ayurvedic practitioner.

Swedanam – this is a treatment process that induces heavy sweating to flush out all toxins in the body and prepare it for fertility.

Banyan tree bark – according to ayurveda it carries a lot of health benefits as it boosts the production of hormones. It is usually found in powdered form mixed with sugar.

Guduchi, Gokshura and Triphala Churna – these are proven remedies to remove blockages to sperm flow and boost a healthy supply

Daily oil massages – done with ayurvedic oils they help calm the nervous system and support a sattvic physiology

Things to know before incorporating Ayurveda in preconception care

As said, ayurveda takes a holistic approach to preconception preparing both partners physically and mentally. It places emphasis on bringing the body into balance based on your individual body composition. This should be done by an ayurvedic practitioner who is experienced in such matters. A correct diagnosis and advice are important for the treatments to be effective. Good digestion is linked to detoxifying well and towards supporting an immune response.

You will be expected to adopt lifestyle modifications to gradually nurture your body for conception. Eating seasonal sattvic whole food and cutting out food that serve no purpose as those mentioned previously are just some of the steps you will have to adopt.

The treatments, herbal medications and therapies for preconception care have to be provided by an ayurvedic practitioner as it is not safe to attempt these alone. Be mindful of choosing a practitioner with experience who comes well recommended. They will act as your guide during this time, and you must have complete faith in their abilities.

This is a time for reflection and regular practicing of meditation, gentle breathing, walking and yoga will all help towards strengthening and calming your mind.


Based on ancient teachings that have proved themselves over their thousands of years in existence, ayurveda treatments are a natural and holistic way to provide yourself with preconception care.  Rather than consume a variety of chemicals and medications, unless you have an actual physical problem, ayurveda provides you with a gentle natural approach to preparing for pregnancy. As you enter this wonderous stage of your life look after yourself as you prepare to welcome your little seed and nurture it into the wonderful human it will be.