Ayurvedic skincare rituals: nurturing and healing the skin

Jun 20, 2023 | Ayurveda


The benefits of a good skincare routine to promote healthy glowing skin are well known. An ayurvedic skincare routine is a proactive extension of an everyday routine that cares for your skin from within as well as from without to main healthy skin. It helps repair and restore the skin reducing the need for costly remedial action in the future. Based on the ancient healing system, an ayurvedic skincare routine is centered on balancing the life energies or three doshas. Using herbal oil massages and other natural remedies ayurveda skin care uses face masks, facials, herbal formulations to treat dry skin, acne, eczema, rosacea and redness.

Healing properties of Ayurveda

The ancient Indian medical system of ayurveda is based on a natural and holistic approach to physical and mental wellbeing by maintaining balance between the body, mind and spirit. When it comes to skincare ayurveda beauty rituals are made with natural ingredients that provide gentle cleansing and nourishing to cleanse, rejuvenate, hydrate and protect the skin. This heals the skin throughout the year and prompts a health glow without needing any harmful chemicals.

Skin care and Ayurveda

As our largest organ our skin deserves all the care and attention we can provide it. We know that it absorbs most of what we apply onto it which is why the holistic approach to healthy skin is so welcome. According to ayurveda we all have a unique constitution resulting from the makeup of the three life energies – vata, pitta and kapha – which govern our physical and mental systems. Our healing and wellness starts when these three dosha are in correct balance within us. Your ayurveda skincare will be based on your skin type determined by your dominant dosha.

Vata dosha – a person with a dominant vata dosha will most likely have sensitive skin with a dry or rough skin texture and prone to fine lines or wrinkles

Pitta dosha – when the pitta dosha is dominant, a person is more prone to acne, freckles and sunburns

Kapha dosha – a person with a dominant kapha dosha will have naturally oily skin with a greasy texture and are prone to excess sweating.

Ayurveda recommends comprehensive skincare routines with herbal solutions suitable for your skin type to cleanse, tone and moisturise for glowing and healthy skin.

Types of skin care conditions that can be treated

Ayurveda focuses on purification of blood and tissues to remove toxins that cause different types of skin issues such as fungal or viral skin infections, acne, skin discolouration, rosacea and other such issues such as acne scars. Natural remedies and herbs are used to draw out and eliminate toxins and thereafter nourish the skin cells to strengthen them.

Oil massages, clay masks, rose water toners, sandalwood pastes, oatmeal exfoliations are just some of the ingredients used in ayurvedic skincare.

Ayurvedic detoxes for nurturing and healing skin

We pass toxins out through our livers and kidneys which benefit our whole body including the skin. Ayurvedic herbs and mixtures that when applied to the skin help our body naturally purge the impurities out of us and as these toxins leave us skin and cells can regenerate to promote healthy skin. Ayurvedic massages or panchakarma treatment help create a natural flow within, drain the lymphatic system and improve blood circulation.

Ayurvedic rituals for to nourish your skin

Oil cleansings help dissolve excess oil and impurities while maintaining the balance of the skin’s natural oils. Caster, almond and olive oils are popular beneficial oils used in this treatment.

Rice flour or oatmeal scrubs help to gently exfoliate the skin by removing dead cells and unclogging pores.

Bentonite clay or kaolin clay are used in masks to draw out impurities and absorb excess oil while maintaining the balance of the skin’s natural oils.

Wich hazel or apple cider vinegar are astringent and work towards balancing the natural production of oil and tightening pores.

Cucumber, aloe vera and mint are used to cool and moisturise the skin so that it feels refreshed and calm. Sandalwood is also good for soothing and reducing inflammation which is why the use of sandalwood oil and face masks are always encouraged in ayurveda.

Self-massages, herbal detoxes, face masks, herbal oils, natural scrubs, toners and sunscreens all ayurvedic skincare rituals that can be easily incorporated in to your daily, weekly or monthly selfcare practices.

Mental wellbeing vs skincare

Unsurprisingly our mental health or wellbeing and our skin health go hand in hand. When we feel stressed or experience mental fatigue it shows in our skin in the form of breakouts, redness, acne and rashes among others. However, like working out or journaling or any other selfcare habit, when we take time for skincare it actively has a benefit on our mental wellbeing as well.

Taking time for skincare is a reminder that we can still do things that benefit ourselves. Mindful skincare routines are almost meditative in their quality and a physical display of love for yourself. Using ayurveda skincare makes you feel good from within as well just as it helps restore flawless skin which in turn boosts your confidence.

When you feel beautiful it starts having a positive impact on your sense of mental wellbeing and works towards reducing some of the stress your maybe feeling. That is why ayurveda also promotes getting good sleep at night and starting the day with proper hydration and absolutions. For movement, ayurveda recommends adding yoga to your daily routines to promote circulation and mindfulness. Little steps like these have a huge impact on your mental wellbeing and skin health.


Ayurvedic skincare rituals not only promotes radiant skin but also boosts its health thanks to the use of natural herbs and ingredients. They also create a mindful selfcare practice that calms the mind which in turn reduces stress and stress related skin outbreaks. Getting advice on your skin type according to ayurveda and thereafter adopting a routine that will best suit you is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Enter a world of healthy and nourished skin that will boost your confidence and create a new enthusiasm towards facing life.